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"Essais" is a term of Latin origin, borrowed in Russian through French. In this language "essais" means "check," "test," "test," "sample.

The essay is a short prose work, characterized by a small volume and free style of the author's presentation. It reveals the thoughts or personal judgments of the author on any issue. The purpose of the writersperhour reviews are not the full disclosure of any broad topic, but only the transfer of the author's opinion, and in this respect the work is similar to an essay or a small philosophical treatise.

All explanatory dictionaries and encyclopedias describe essays in similar terms, so there are no problems in interpreting its meaning. To understand how to write a good essay, you need to highlight the key characteristics that this type of literary work has.

Key features of an essay:

  • Specific and narrow subject matter. The essay focuses on a specific thing, phenomenon or event and describes only it, without touching on more general issues.

  • Subjective narration. Unlike scholarly writings, an essay presents the author's subjective position, judgments, reflections, and opinions. The work may focus on philosophy, literary criticism, science, history, journalism, or be of an artistic nature.

  • Author Persona. When reading an essay, the author's persona comes first. Through the work the reader perceives and analyzes the judgments of the author, his worldview, impressions or feelings.

French Renaissance philosopher Michel Montaigne, who published his work "Essays" in 1580, is considered to be the founder of the essay genre. In modern times, this type of work has become very popular, its writing is put to the task in different conditions. For example, creating an essay can be a condition for applying to college or getting a job. By analyzing the work, you can form an impression of its author, thereby making it easier to find the most suitable candidates.

The ability to write an essay is important because you can use it to demonstrate your abilities. The analysis of the work allows teachers or employers to understand how competently the author is able to formulate thoughts, state his point of view, argue the arguments, and how it corresponds to the place for which he applies.

For young professionals, the most common essay topic is "Me and Career." Analyzing its content, the employer evaluates the applicant's thinking features, his motivation, determination, creative skills and overall potential. An effective way to achieve success is to speak directly and honestly, without making up something that does not correspond to reality.

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