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Stunned, he couldn't help being impressed by the little old man in front of him. Without saying a word, he took out ten yuan and handed it to the little old man, but he shook his head and refused to accept it: "It's nothing. What I said is written on your face. I can't rely on these words to take your money and let you turn around and say that I'm a blind cat who touched a dead mouse. It's a mistake.". The real skill in our line of work is to look at the future for others, to tide over disasters, and to seek good fortune and avoid disaster. You have a good luck this year, the main wealth and sex, and a disaster, the main lost his official position and even have the disaster of imprisonment. If you believe me, I'll crack it for you. If you don't believe me, we'll go our own way. When President He met Ma Lipeng and the bank, he had a guilty conscience. At this point, how could he not believe it? Of course, he knew what he had done. At that moment, he said to the old man, "What you said is relevant. You can tell me how to solve it." The little old man smiled proudly, "Fortune is where misfortune depends, and misfortune is where fortune depends. Fortune and misfortune are on a thin line.". What you think is a blessing in the present may be a curse in the future, and what you think is a curse in the present may be a blessing. The key is to predict the curse and avoid the curse, which is what the wise do. Some people,Magnetic Drain Plug, because they are reluctant to give up a few small profits in front of them, have suffered a great disaster. Some people have a difficult thing in front of them. They can break a small fortune and avoid a great disaster, or even turn harm into benefit. Which one is more important and which one is less important? President He heard the implication of his words and did not say much at the moment. He took out a hundred yuan and stuffed it into his hand. The little old man was not polite either. He happily put the money into his pocket, looked at him with a smile, and then said, "My fair lady is a good match for a gentleman. The only thing in life that is sad is money and sex.". You can't do without these two things, and you can't do it if you are too greedy. But the opportunity fell in front of you, you do not escape,car radiator cap, or to see your personal blessing, such as the pie falling from the sky, some people received to eat, can satisfy hunger. Some people will have diarrhea if they eat it. Some people not only did not eat, but also may be killed by the pie. Like you, after fifty years old, money comes smoothly, and there is no shortage of women. If you don't know how to take care of yourself, you may suffer from it. If you get money from others, you can eliminate disasters for others. Since I have taken your money, I can't watch you suffer. I'll tell you a way to ward off evil spirits and ensure that everything will be all right for you. President He quickly pricked up his ears to listen to his wonderful method. The little old man broke his fingers and said, "First, on the evening of the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month, you should put on red trousers and a red belt. This is called the new red door, Steel investment casting ,deep draw stamping, which can ward off evil and strengthen the body. Second, you should always prepare a red cloth, all cotton. Whenever you have sex with a woman, you must wipe it with this cloth. Red is Yang, and women are Yin. This is to balance Yin with Yang, which can eliminate the bad luck caused by the damage of Yin Qi. Third.." At this point, the little old man used his withered and chapped hands to take out a few pieces of yellow paper from his close-fitting pocket, picked out one, and stuffed the rest into his bosom. "This amulet is a picture of the incantation of Zhengtian written by Zhang Tianshi. You see, the Eight Diagrams on it and the incantation around it are all drawn with the blood of a dog with black teeth." President He stretched out his hand to take it, but the little old man shrank his hand and said, "Don't worry. There are no more than ten pieces of this amulet in the whole world at present. Only those who are predestined can get it. Only when they use it can they have a magical effect.". Like I have no luck, even if I use it, it won't have any effect. It's not easy to ask for this amulet. You have to bathe, change your clothes, and fast for seven days. You have to offer three animals, six animals, money, and rice. President He knew that he wanted money again. He didn't think much about it, nor did he say much. He took out another hundred yuan and gave it to him: "Is it enough?" The little old man looked at the money in his hand and smiled disapprovingly. "What is enough? What is not enough?"? You are a predestined person. The amount of money is not the main thing. The main thing is to show a kind of sincerity. Then he handed him the amulet. President He took the amulet and looked at it carefully. On a piece of rough yellow paper, there was a picture of the Eight Diagrams. The four corners of the picture were some moire patterns. On the four sides, there were some Chinese characters composed of different radicals that no one knew. The handwriting patterns were purple and black. What does it say? "It's a spell, a book from heaven. I don't know it either. If I knew it, why would I do it?" When President He turned to go, the little old man stopped him again. "It's no use just taking the amulet. I'll tell you how to use it.". ” President He listened attentively. The little old man stroked the sparse rat whiskers under his jaw and said, "You should start fasting three days before the night of the full moon. You can't have sex with women. On the day of the full moon, you should take a bath and change clothes. At midnight, you should burn three sticks of incense in a quiet place and kneel down silently three times due west. Then you can burn the amulet. When burning the amulet, you can only use matches, not lighters.". After burning the amulet, mix the ash into the yellow rice wine. The yellow rice wine should be measured well. Only two taels can be used. One coin can not be more, and one coin can not be less. Then swallow it in three mouthfuls at the intersection of Zi Chou. President He listened to him attentively, repeated it again, and left after confirming that it was correct. After parting, President Ho followed the little old man's orders and did everything one by one. Only the red belt and the red underpants were not prepared because they had not yet reached the 30th day of the twelfth lunar month. The other two things had been done. When he did these things, he held the attitude that he would rather believe it than believe it. Anyway, the little old man's calculation was too accurate, and he couldn't help believing it. At this moment, looking down at the island in the middle of the street and the statue of a naked woman in the middle of the island, he was amazed by his new discovery, as if an invisible finger had touched his sensitive central nervous system. Could it be that there was a subtle sign in it that implied something to him? Is it a blessing or a curse? He was secretly glad that he had met the deus ex machina little old man, who had taken early measures so that he could stop worrying about his behavior, and he thought he was lucky when he thought about it. Someone knocked at the door, and without waiting for him to answer, he opened the door and went straight in. It was the female president who made him helpless. President He really has time for sightseeing. The president closed the door behind him. President He noticed that she had screwed on the lock when she closed the door. He frowned and motioned to her. She opened the lock again. View what scenery? Too busy,non standard fasteners, the brain is in a mess, clear the brain. The president took off his plush overcoat to reveal the black woolen sweater with flowers inside, and a bright red peony was decorated on the chest of the woolen sweater. Your sweater is very beautiful. 。 autoparts-dx.com

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