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It's just a thing. He can afford it. The author has something to say: Big, thick and long! Today is the first watch. Thank my masked baby for the rocket launcher, thank the babies for the nutrient solution, thank all the new friends and old friends for their flowers and support, love you (~ 3 ~)? ~ 88 red envelopes in a single chapter! Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Chapter 11 After Chu Chaoyang left, Liu Rui's face suddenly darkened. He had already agreed with the bosses who coveted Chu Yixuan. Some of them had even taken the benefits. Everything was ready except Chu Yixuan. Who knew that she had terminated the contract. Smoking a cigarette, he quickly walked back and forth in the room and swept the things on the table to the ground in a huff: "Damn, I have contacted that woman's watch, and she ran away with me?" But more than one person wants her, he has arranged one by one, as well as those three films he promised to come down, the loss can be money! Sofa in the office, a sweet-looking young girl hesitated, then winked and said with a smile, "Brother Liu, I heard that she paid the liquidated damages at one time. Is her liquidated damages not low?"? I heard that there are more than 30 million? Where did she get the money to pay the penalty? Liu Rui was reminded by her and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully: "It seems that he sold the villa that the president gave her." "Is the villa sent by the president worth so much money?" The girl's eyes flashed a trace of jealousy and turned to laugh: "The villa sent by the president has been sold, and it seems that it is at the end of its tether.". This circle, unless she does not want to enter again,metal stamping parts, otherwise sooner or later will beg to your hand, Liu elder brother, what are you anxious? Liu Rui did not think so, Chu Yixuan although simple, but very aloof, since the debt also want to leave this circle, will come back? The duck she got was temporarily returned to her,die casting parts, which made Liu Rui very angry. He took a deep breath: "Your new song is already being done. Prepare well for the competition of" Super New Song ". Chu Yixuan has gone. When the time comes, the company's resources will be tilted to you. Although the champion has been decided for you, if you don't live up to expectations.." He touched the girl's face with his hand holding a cigarette. "During this period of time, I will train well. I will tell Li Cheng to give you more guidance. During this period, I will put down the acting class first and concentrate on singing. I don't want to do so much for you." The sweet girl lowered her head shyly, covering the disgust and ambition in her eyes. Her sweet voice was full of flattery: "Brother Liu, don't worry!" —————— No matter how ugly Liu Rui's face was, Chu Chaoyang breathed a sigh of relief. Just after collecting enough liquidated damages, Chu Chaoyang is facing nearly ten million debts from the bank, and she must immediately have a new way to make money. Originally, she wanted to continue to be a singing anchor, but she did not expect that the world's live broadcasting had not yet risen, and she did not find a live broadcasting platform. Then she remembered that the novel was about the story of the man and the woman when they were eighteen years old. The man was her baby son Chu Chengguang. Now her son is only two years old. That is to say, car radiator cap ,metal stamping parts, it is sixteen years ago, which is about two thousand years of her original world. She had no choice but to do her old job and take part in the singing contest. The first thing that came to her mind was her old job: singing competitions. She made her debut in a talent show. She has participated in many talent show singer competitions and won many championships. She has also been very popular because of one or two songs, but she has gone out of fashion very quickly. However, her rich competition experience and singing skills are really record-level, and her singing is very characteristic. Of course, she has so many past life songs in her head that she can also make her own records. The problem is that she has no money. The release and promotion of records need a lot of money and channels, which she does not have, and can only cooperate with record companies. But the question is, why should the record company cooperate with her? Will her fans buy her records now that she is so black? Afraid to make a loss of underwear can not wear it? Of course, she can also sell songs, but she is now notorious street, certainly can not take Chu Yixuan this stage name out, can only be the real name, but the real name is just a newcomer, the price of the song will be very low, so a little money for her in the end a drop in the bucket, she can only use another identity debut, to find a new owner willing to give her a record. As for the identity of the original owner, it is better to be silent for the time being. In her previous dream, she knew that Apple Guard made a "Super New Song" very popular last year. This year, Star Media sponsored and Apple Satellite TV jointly produced the second "Super New Song", which provided many music talents for the future music industry. In three singing competitions, dozens of singers became the backbone of the future mainland music industry. One of the most popular is this one. She checked the relevant information of "Super New Song" and saw that the registration time had not yet expired, so she quickly took her ID card to sign up. Because the identity of the original owner is now smelly on the street, it is not easy to expose, so she put on a cat face mask to cover most of her face, leaving only her mouth and chin outside. She also cut the original owner's long black and thick hair like seaweed into a pretty short hair up to her chin, and permed it into a big curl, similar to Zhu Yin's style in Truant Dragon when she was young. Dressing style is also very different from the pure lady of the original owner in the past, but the use of comfortable and casual dress, coupled with the original owner's temperament is cool and aloof, her temperament is more down to earth, the two have a fundamental difference, wearing a baseball cap and mask to go out, unexpectedly not recognized. When she signed up, she gave herself a new stage name, nameless. She chose this name mainly because she would definitely use the songs she knew in her previous life in the future. Those songs were not written by her, but it was impossible for her not to use them with such a big advantage. Born in an orphanage, she did not know what aloofness was and just wanted to live well in this world. Hence the stage name. No name. No name as lyricist, no name as composer, no name as singer. Anonymous,socket screw plug, someone who doesn't exist in this world. They all live in a parallel world that they don't know. Even if one day her identity is revealed and people know that these songs are sung by her, she is only a singer, and the rest is still unknown. autoparts-dx.com

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