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In a twinkling of an eye, a fire dragon is gradually formed, constantly pouncing on the Lord of Santa Ma (Hannibal), some floating behind the night, some on his shoulders, some have pounced on the Lord of Santa Ma (Hannibal), some around the Lord of San Ma (Hnibal), hundreds of fire dragons are constantly moving with the night, constantly condensing. Under his mind, they launched attacks one after another. The constant beating of the damage data, the skillful operation of the night, cleverly used the swing of Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal), occasionally interrupted Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal) singing several times, and directly suppressed him in it. With his operation, he gradually adapted to this kind of battle. The one-sided data of the Lord of Saint Mar (Hannibal) emerges. The data that shocked him was also weakening crazily. Under the constant weakening, the night kept taking various ways, and even fortunately interrupted the singing, which interrupted a counterattack by the Lord of Saint Ma (Hannibal). In an instant, the Lord of Saint Ma (Hannibal) was so angry that he roared again and again, but he could do nothing about it. Suye didn't know how lucky he was to be able to get close to a long-range high-level npntbsp; you know Ranged classes all have some skills to guard against melee classes, such as Sleeping at Night, and also have such skills as "Elemental Trap" and "Ring of Fire Resistance" before they are advanced. As a light elementalist before, Lord Saint Mar (Hannibal) was not only weak in attack, but also powerful in some of his skills. But, having lost faith in and betrayed the God of light, he seems to have lost some of his skills. Although his strength is good, but his strength changes, but has not yet been able to adapt to come over, then find the trouble of the night, the result of Saint Ma Lord (Hannibal) naturally no doubt by the night to find a new way of attack to disrupt the rhythm. The only skills he can use now, such as "Death Ray",DIN screw plug, "Dark Blessing", "Pain".. And so on skills, do not have much effect on him, after this point, the night even appeared to break the dark protection of this elemental shield skills, a direct'big cut 'will be cut to break the dark protection. Moreover, the way in which the dark protection of the night appears is very similar to the dark sky curtain that Mason used. Think of that kind of skill, the heart of the night can not help but pass through a shadow, naturally can not let him successfully display. Ha ha, I am immortal, dark and brilliant. When the HP of Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal) was close to more than 20 thousand, he suddenly burst out laughing and used a skill. The HP kept soaring, which made the night extremely painful. This was the result of dealing with the dark priest. Dark priest, give up half of the light, in exchange for strength. But he still has the ability to heal. This kind of healing effect is useless against the 9th level, Investment casting parts ,titanium machining parts, but his damage against the night is enough to recover for a period of time and support it, so that the night will take more time. Fortunately, the skills of the night have more than a dozen skills of rank 6, and the damage bonus is extremely terrible. It is equivalent to an ordinary attack of about 8 ranks, which is more than enough to deal with a dark priest who is seriously injured. Surrounding the attack of Lord Saint Mar (Hannibal), the magic fire dragon is like a machine gun, shooting fire at will. The Lord of Saint Marr (Hannibal) is very oppressed. As a Lord of the 9th rank and an apostle of the gods, he is overwhelmed by an Advent. His psychology is absolutely uncomfortable, especially when he is used to the feeling of being above the Advent. In fact, Suye also knows that his big gain is the Rock Castle, which weakens 10% of the attribute effect of the Lord of Saint Ma (Hannibal), gradually makes it difficult for him to wield, and makes him fight with the Lord of Saint Ma (Hannibal) smoothly. The HP of Lord saint ma (Hannibal) has gradually dropped to the 30, 000 mark under the slow wear and tear. Look step by step approaching the victory, the heart of the night secretly pleased, the hand is also more ruthless. "I am the Apostle of God, and I am immortal.." "Advent, damn you, how dare you blaspheme.." "My reinforcements are coming, and it's not too late for you to go now." The Lord of Saint Mar (Hannibal) is about to go crazy. The mouth is constantly reading, constantly trying various ways to break through the defense of the night, 30000 HP is also constantly falling, disappearing. Hell flame burning crazily, in the night constantly display with a variety of skills, gradually clear in the chest, when familiar, has dropped nearly more than 30,000 HP Did not expect the night actually has such strength, the terrible attack is more terrible than the general 7th order, originally thought that his dark glory secret skill can be constantly recovered in the constant battle, as a result, the Lord of Saint Ma (Hannibal) is now one move short of his own chess, and later planned to use this way to wear down the patience and physical strength of the night, as a result, or fall short of success. Windrush Seeing the trend of a death ray of Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal), Suye hurriedly used his plus skill, slightly staggered his position, shook his figure, was about to move, and began to condense a big cut. Prepare to seize the opportunity to wipe out part of the HP of Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal), which is already on the verge of 30,000, and then wait for his next Dark Radiance skill to appear. He can only cast a dark glow and add blood once. Through various calculations and reasonable collocation of skills, Suye calculated the HP of Lord Saint Ma (Hannibal). He kept adding blood in constant battles. He could only wear off about 30,000 HP each time. Every time the Dark Priest added blood, he had already calculated it. At this moment, the Dark Priest should add blood after the light of death. That is to say, the bottom line of Dark Priest's blood increase is below 30,000 HP and will increase blood in a certain period of time. After the calculation, the night had to be glad that the dark priest was injured,deep draw stamping, if not so, the night simply could not wear off so much blood of the dark priest. Because of the injury, the extent of the blood will affect the elements to bite back and aggravate the injury. autoparts-dx.com

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