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Just then, the little girl in his room sent an orangutan felt cloak and said, "Grandma just sent someone to say that it's snowing and she wants to discuss asking someone to write a poem tomorrow." Before he had finished speaking, Li Wan's maid came to ask Daiyu. Baoyu invited Daiyu to go with him to Daoxiang Village. Daiyu put on her small sheepskin boots, covered herself with a crane cloak in a white fox with a big red feather gauze face, tied up with a blue gold and flashing green double-ring four-fold Ruyi cloak, and covered her head with a snow cap. The two of them stepped on the snow together. All the sisters were there, wearing the same red scarlet felt and feather and satin cloaks, except for Li Wan, who was wearing a double-breasted jacket of green door-cloth, and Xue Baochai, who was wearing a crane cloak with a pattern of lotus and green door-cloth, which was the icing on the cake. Xing Xiuyan was still wearing old clothes at home, and she had no clothes to shelter from the snow. At that moment Shih Hsiang-yun arrived, dressed in one of the Lady Dowager's and his ermine head, face, big hair, black chinchilla inside, inside, and outside fever coats, with a cloud-digging goose yellow sheet and a big red orangutan felt Zhaojun suit on his head, and a big ermine wind collar around him. "Look," said Daiyu with a smile, "here's Monkey Sun. "He usually took a snow jacket and pretended to be a little coquettish." "Look at what I'm dressed up inside," said Xiangyun with a smile. As he spoke, he took off his coat. He was wearing a half-new, three-color, three-inlaid, gold-plated,pipe fittings manufacturer, five-color, embroidered dragon, narrow sleeves, silver mouse jacket, a short water-red satin fox pleat inside, a bowknot tightly tied around his waist, a five-color palace sash with long spikes, and leather boots at his feet. The more he showed his wasp waist and ape back, the more he looked like a cockroach. They all laughed and said, "He only likes to dress up like a boy. He is more beautiful than his daughter." "Hurry up and write a poem,14 tube fitting," said Xiangyun! Let me hear whose owner it is? "My idea," said Li Wan. Come to think of it, yesterday's main day has passed, and it's too far to wait for the main day, and it happens to be snowing, so it's better for everyone to gather together, welcome them, and write poems. What do you mean? "That's very true," said Bao-yu. It's just that it's late today, and if it's sunny tomorrow, it'll be boring. "The snow may not be fine," they said. "Even if it's fine, it's enough to enjoy this night." "My place is good," said Li Wan, "but it's not as good as Lu Xueguang's. I have sent people to the Kang, and we all hold the stove to write poems. The old lady may not be happy to think about it, and besides, we little stubborn, just give Feng Ya the first message. One tael of silver will be enough for each of you. Send it to me. Pointing to Xiangling, Baoqin, ball valve manufacturer ,14 needle valve, Li Wen, Li Qi, and Xiuyan, "The five don't count. The two of us are sick, and the four of us have asked for leave. The four of you have sent me five or six taels of silver." Baochai and the others agreed. "Li Wan said with a smile," I've made up my mind. When tomorrow comes, I'll know anyway. After another chat, they went to the Lady Dowager's house. I have nothing to say today. The next morning, Baoyu was so concerned about the matter that he did not sleep well all night and got up at dawn. As soon as I lifted the curtain, I saw that although the doors and windows were still closed, the windows were shining brightly. I hesitated in my heart, complaining that it must be sunny and the sunlight had come out. On the one hand, he hurriedly lifted the window drawer and looked out of the glass window. It turned out that it was not sunlight, but a night of heavy snow, which would be more than a foot thick, and the sky was still like rubbing cotton. Baoyu was overjoyed and hurried to wake the others up. When he had finished washing, he was wearing only an eggplant-colored Duoluo fox fur coat and a small eagle jacket made of sea dragon skin. He tied up his waist, put on a jade needle coat, put on a golden rattan hat, and boarded the Shatang clogs. He hurried to the Luxue Nunnery. Out of the gate, look around, there is no second color, far away is green pine and bamboo, but he is like in a glass box in general. So he walked to the bottom of the hillside, and as soon as he turned along the foot of the hill, he smelled a cold fragrance. Looking back, there are more than ten red plum trees in the green nunnery in front of Miaoyu Gate, like Rouge, reflecting the color of snow, especially looking energetic and interesting! Baoyu stood still and enjoyed himself carefully before he left. I saw a man with an umbrella coming from the wasp-waisted bridge. It was Li Wan who had sent the man to invite Xifeng. When Baoyu came to Luxueguang, he saw the maids sweeping the snow and opening the path. It turned out that this reed snow was widely covered on the river beach near the mountains and rivers, with several rooms, thatched eaves, earth walls, hibiscus fences and bamboo fences. You could go fishing by pushing the window. It was covered by reeds on all sides. A path through the reed was the bamboo bridge of the Lotus Root Pavilion. When the maids saw him coming in his coir raincoat and hat, they said with a smile, "We just said we were missing a fisherman, and now it's all gone.". The girls didn't come until after dinner. You're too impatient. When Baoyu heard this, he had to come back. As soon as she arrived at Qinfang Pavilion, she saw Tanchun coming from Qiushuang Studio, wearing a scarlet felt cloak and a Guanyin bag, holding a little girl, and a woman behind her holding a green silk oil umbrella. When Baoyu realized that he was going to the Lady Dowager's, he stood by the pavilion and waited for him to come. The two of them left the garden together. Baoqin was washing and changing clothes in the inner room. When all the sisters came together, Baoyu cried out that he was hungry and kept urging him to eat. It was very easy to put it on the table, and the first dish was steamed lamb with milk. The Lady Dowager said, "This is the medicine for us old people. It's not something that can see the light of day. It's a pity that you children can't eat it.". There is fresh venison today, and you are waiting to eat. The crowd agreed. Baoyu, on the other hand, could not wait. He made a bowl of rice with tea and hurriedly swallowed it down with the pheasant and melon. "" I know you have something to do today, "said Grandmother Jia." You don't even want to eat. "Keep the venison for him to eat at night," Xifeng quickly said, "There's more.". "" There's fresh venison, "Shih Hsiang-yun quipped to Baoyu." Why don't we take a piece and cook it in the garden for ourselves? " When Baoyu heard this, he was so eager that he asked Xifeng for a piece and ordered her to send it to the garden. After everyone had dispersed for a while, they went into the garden and went to Lu Xueguang to listen to Li Wan's rhyme, but Xiangyun and Baoyu were nowhere to be seen. "The two of them can't get to the same place again," said Daiyu. "If they get to the same place, there will be many stories. He must have been calculating the venison this time. Just then, Aunt Li came to watch the scene of bustle. She asked Li Wan, "Why is it that a brother with a jade belt and a sister with a golden unicorn are so clean and pretty, and have a lot of food? The two of them are talking about eating raw meat,hydraulic fitting supplier, and they come and go.". I just don't believe that meat can be eaten raw. When they heard this, they all laughed and said, "It's a big deal. Hurry up and bring them two." "Daiyu laughed." It's Miss Yun's fault. My divination is pretty good. " 。 chinaroke.com

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