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Ye Wushang has no clue at all. He can only treat a dead horse as a living horse. "Well.". It's up to you! He never believed in ghosts and gods, but he couldn't let his son die. Looking at the night Yulin pale little face, feeling depressed, night without war went out alone. He stood in the doorway and looked at the bright moon in the sky. The emperor Xu Ruyi approached him and gently took his hand, "the two princes are blessed and will be all right." Ye Wushang didn't say anything. He is in a terrible mood now. Soon, the Taoist priest who had been invited came out and pretended to cast a spell. Wiped the sweat on his forehead, "Your Majesty, I have done the law, the two princes are all right." Ye Wushang went in. Sure enough, Ye Yulin had receded from his high fever, and his little face was no longer pale, but flushed. Breathe evenly and fall into a deep sleep. The doctors came forward to check, and sure enough, there was no problem at all! "Great!" De Fei said happily, "Your Majesty, Lin Er is all right." Ye Wushang was surprised. "What's wrong with the second prince?" "Back to the emperor, this is caused by the transfer of evil things." "What do you mean?" "I dare ask the emperor if anyone in the palace has suddenly gotten better recently." "Unbridled!" Ye Wu is very angry. This is obviously an insinuation that the big prince is silly because of evil things, and now this thing has been transferred to the second prince! De Fei looked surprised: "What the master said is very true,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, before..." "Shut up!" The night does not scold, "I see, the imperial concubine is also a magic obstacle eye?" De Fei clenched her teeth. Night Yu brocade is not already abandoned by him? Even if she regains some intelligence now, she is far less intelligent than her clever son! (To be continued.) Chapter 341 cannon fodder concubine vs fickle emperor. What the emperor protects is not the big prince, but the Ning imperial concubine who wants to use him as a backer behind the big prince! That woman is so scheming! He couldn't give birth to a son, so he tried to please the emperor and put his mind on the silly prince! Where can't you see the thoughts of the imperial concubine in the night without martyrdom? This is to see the big prince has improved, fear to seize the throne,brass tube fitting, want to strangle in the cradle? He had always felt that the eldest son of the emperor was his child, and naturally he would not be born stupid. And this period of time, he once quietly passed by, found that Xu Ruyi really used a different way, while playing with the night Yujin, while teaching him a lot of things. She is very patient. If Ye Yujin can't do it once, she will teach it twice, and if she can't do it twice, she will teach it three times, without any impatience. As long as he makes a little progress, she is happier than anyone else. It is her credit that the eldest son of the emperor has become better, and Ye Wushang knows better than anyone else. Ye Yulin's illness is better, but the atmosphere is more dignified than before. The people present did not dare to breathe. Stand down, 38 needle valve ,38 tube fitting, all of you. I want to stay here alone for a while. Ye Wushang said wearily. The women in the harem compete for favor. He can bear it, but he will never allow his children to be the price! Although he is not a qualified father, he also cares about his children. Everyone else went back. De Fei looked at Xu Ruyi in the corner, whose face was dark and unclear. "Ning Fei is really hard.". The palace will send someone to take you back. "The empress doesn't have to." "Qing'er, see Empress Ning off." De Fei said very strongly. In her territory, still want to compete with her for the emperor? Don't look at your identity! Watching Xu Ruyi being sent away, Defei breathed a sigh of relief. Shi Jiayi came over, "cousin." "There's only one chance. Take it by yourself!" De Fei did not have a good look on her, although the two were partners, but Shi Jiayi also came to compete with her for men. In this world, I am afraid that no one can be magnanimous enough to share love with others! …… Ye Wushang stayed here all night until Ye Yulin woke up. He surprised: "Father?!"! Father, have you come to see me? My son is so happy! This son is only twelve years old, although not as simple as the big prince, but also a half-grown child. The joy in his eyes made Ye Wushang feel guilty. Just thought that he gradually on the big prince's heart, reluctantly is a qualified father, now think, as if because of the neglect of the German imperial concubine, has not seen this second son for a long time. Father, you're here. Liner, are you feeling better? "Well, my son is ready!"! Thank your father for his concern! "That's good, rest assured." "Father." Ye Yulin looked at him with a wrinkled little face. "Are you leaving?" The night does not have the heart to have cannot bear, "does not go.". The father just asked someone to send some food. "Pull the hook." Ye Yulin pointed out his finger, "Father, promise me to spend more time with me." He looked forward to a pair of big eyes, so that the night could not bear to refuse, "good." "Great!"! Father promised to stay! Since Ye Wushang agrees, he will not break his promise. Remembering the fruits that Fan Gang had paid tribute to before, he sent some to Xu Ruyi and left the rest here. Ye Yulin didn't eat anything for two days. He was very weak. When he got sick, he especially liked to act like a spoiled child. Seeing his father obeying him in every way, he dared to ask him to come here every day. (To be continued.) Chapter 342 cannon fodder concubine vs fickle emperor. After all, this was his son, and Ye Wushang could not find a suitable reason to refuse. I come here as soon as I get off the court every day. In the evening, De Fei will personally prepare some side dishes, Ye Yulin especially likes the feeling of family reunion, and is even more dependent on him. After dinner, I will accompany him to review for a while, and then coax him to sleep. The emperor De Fei was delighted to see him so fond of his son. Ye Wushang came here for several days in a row, which rekindled her hope in her heart. In the evening, she dressed up carefully. Wearing some revealing clothes, he showed off his proud figure in front of Ye Wushang. De Fei! Ye Wushang saw her like this, and he had no appetite at all. He seldom came here several times a year,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and it was for the sake of the past that he reluctantly favored her. Unexpectedly, now take the initiative to hook/cause him to come! "Look at yourself now," he said angrily? Where is it worthy of the word'virtue '? 。 chinaroke.com

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