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Panels And Furniture Finishing Application factory Overview Sanding Roller refers to rollers used on equipment to improve the surface finish of woodworking parts by means of abrasive belts or sandpaper. Compared with other rollers, a major feature of our product is that the surface is not smooth and flat, but has a certain texture. It has good hardness, the surface is not easily deformed, and the wear resistance is also excellent. The surface of our products is covered with spiral grooves along 45掳 or other angles, which facilitates cooling, reduces friction temperature and increases the service life of the rollers. Sanding Roller accepts customization, and can be adjusted in size and specifications according to customer needs and the actual working environment of the machine. Details 1. Application: rough process 2. Features: 1) Improve the adhesive strength. 2) Anti-corrosion. 3) High temperature resistance. 4) Heat dispersion quickly. Our Advantages We keep on to establish and style and design outstanding top quality goods for product. The company always adheres to the tenet of serving users and pursuing excellence, never forgetting its original intention, and forging ahead. We have won high praise from customers with standardized market operation, high-quality product quality, fair commodity prices, rigorous work attitude, and perfect after-sales service. To keep the leading position in our industry, we never stop challenging the limitation in all aspects to create the ideal products.Panels And Furniture Finishing Application factory website:http://www.xsyrubbers.com/panels-and-furniture-finishing-application/

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