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Neon Letters And Neon Logo manufacturers Company Profile Golden Star Signs is a leading sign company that has been serving clients from all over the globe since 1999. We have a fully UL licensed facility and experts working together to provide full service for all customers. We specialize in manufacturing custom signs of logos, architectural letters, dimensional graphic signs, and others. Golden Star Signs is also widely recognized because of our high quality affordable, fine crafted LED letter signs. Currently, we have two facilities, one located in California, and one in Dongguan China. While the facility in California focuses in designing, printing, and installing larger letters, our China facility focuses mainly on manufacturing smaller, LED illuminated letters, and distributing our products across Asia, USA and Europe. With our advanced equipment such as Metal Laser Cutter, we produce the finest quality signs, which puts us at the top of other professional advertising sign manufacturers. At Golden Star Signs, we believe that your sign is your image, and quality is of utmost importance. We take pride in every job we do. CEO's Message Welcome to Golden Star Signs' website锛乀hank you for your support and attention锛両 hope we can give you the service you need and have a good cooperation锛?/p> Team Introduced Professional technique and artisan spirit are the key to gaining customer鈥檚 trust. We continue to cultivate excellent talents based on these two factors. From pre-service training, regular internal technical test and professional,develop employee potential, cultivate high-quality talents.Neon Letters And Neon Logo manufacturers website:http://www.goldenstarsign.com/

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