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Customized Outdoor Dining Set Product Description Dining Table and Chairs for Garden is a table and chair set, suitable for outdoor places such as gardens and courtyards. Our product is made of strong materials, simple in structure, but durable. It is mainly made of pure colors, made of high-quality, healthy raw materials, with guaranteed quality, safe and free of formaldehyde, and users can use it with confidence. Product Details SIZE(CM)PACKING(CM)GW/NW(KG) CHAIRW55.50*D67*H9355*86*252/28PCS110/105 TABLE150*90*71152*6*92cm/pc24/22 1). Item No.: BFTC001 dining set 2). Material: Aluminum frame with teslin fabric. 3). Frame constructure: strong but light weight with good aluminum frame, never rust. 5). Different color, size are available. 6). Good quality with competitive price. Features of our products 1. It adopts sturdy and durable steel structure, which has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance. At the same time, it has been treated with insect-proof treatment to further increase the service life. 2. Our products are made of high-quality and healthy raw materials, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and will not cause harm to the body. 3. Dining Table and Chairs for Garden adopts an easy-to-clean design, which is very convenient to maintain and clean and save costs. 4. This suit uses excellent hand-knitting technology, simple yet stylish. 5. We provide products of different colors for customers to choose, and we believe that there will be products that meet your needs. 6. Dining Table and Chairs for Garden is very convenient to install as a whole, and most of the products are shipped in batches.Customized Outdoor Dining Set website:http://www.baifeng-leisure.com/outdoor-furniture/outdoor-dining-set/

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