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China Inkjet Printer Cartridge Product Model:IP520 Original Ink Cartridges:A variety of ink cartridge types, widely used in different types of ink cartridges on the market, such as water based, quick-drying, color ink cartridges,etc. Meet the needs of customers using a variety of ink cartridge types. Ink support:42ml/ applicable models: water-based/quick drying/oily inkjet code models (more models please consult customer service) Color:Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, white, invisible Ink Cartridge Life:about 385,000 12.7mm characters RFID radio frequency technology锛孴race each cartridge back to its source using information from a machine-identifiable cartridge chip Super waterproof, strong adhesion does not fade锛孒igh adhesion hand-held quick drying ink cartridge Original nozzle integrated online handheld universal quick drying ink cartridge The large capacity adhesion 4.Ultra-high performance chips, Easy to identify compatibility, strong stability and durability to enhance the service life of the cartridge 5.Excluding wearing parts (such as ink cartridges, screens, U disks, switches, power cords, and batteries are not covered by the warranty) Maintenance Precautions:Do not place the nozzle in a strong magnetic field environment. Do not tear, pollute or change the position of the chip at the bottom of the ink cartridge. Otherwise, it may affect its normal recognition. If you stop using for a short time, cover the transparent cover of the machine to prevent the nozzle from contacting with the air for a long time. Do not frequently insert or remove the ink cartridge. 聽聽China Inkjet Printer Cartridge website:http://www.huinkjet.com/inkjet-printer-cartridge/

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