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Laminate Floor Materials

Laminate floors are sometimes called laminate wood floors, though they are wood only in two respects. First, the laminate floor base consists of pressed chipped wood particles. Second, the top has the appearance of real wood due to the accurate image layer—essentially a well-rendered photograph of wood encased in a clear, durable wear layer.

Aggregated wood particles are subjected to high pressure to form sheets. These sheets have a photorealistic image of wood or stone added to the top, and this image is covered with a wear layer. The wear layer, a durable, thin, clear plastic sheet, is the linchpin between the delicate lower layers and exterior elements such as moisture, UV rays, and scratching.

  • Wear Layer: MDF Laminate Flooring is a surface layer of two thin sheets of paper impregnated with melamine. This top-most surface layer is a hard transparent type of plastic sheet that is impervious to dogs, chairs, high heels, and other common damaging elements.

  • Image Layer: Even when viewed close-up laminate flooring can look realistic. This is due to the laminate's photographic-quality image of real wood underneath the wear layer.

  • Base Layer (Core): Under the wood-grain photograph is about a half-inch of wood-chip composite. Any type of wood chip product is inherently susceptible to water damage. Laminate flooring's base is considered to be dimensionally stable, but only to a certain degree. It will stand up against some water, but only if this water is quickly removed.

What Is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring is a type of synthetic flooring that provides great benefits and it is extremely versatile. It is somewhat similar bares similarities to linoleum flooring and is considered one of the most popular choices in wet areas such as bathrooms and cooking areas.

They are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) along with a few other compounds added to allow them to have the desired hardness, whilst still being flexible. The top layer is made up of a urethane-based coating. It provides durability and stability because of its water-resistant and stain-resistant properties. In recent times, companies have been trying to improve the safety and econ-friendliness of vinyl floorings, where they try to materials that are organic and do not emit harmful chemicals.

Improvements over the years have resulted in a variety of attractive, economical, and affordable that give you countless ways to fit your choice to other elements of your interior design. Now there are newer and improved versions which include luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP). They come under the umbrella term called luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). It has many variations which include dry back (waterproof and has thermal stability), loose lay (no need for adhesives due to heavy back of fiberglass) and, PVC click (utilizes a click system).

Another type lesser-known type is known as vinyl composition tile (VCT) which contains limestone powder to increase its durability. It contains lesser amounts of vinyl but in the long run, it requires higher and more continuous maintenance.

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