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Hakkında: Yes, Ji Wenyang doesn't wear a sword! And from the bluish white light. Do you know that this is a precious sword? They are experts. They know that there are no more than ten such swords in the world, and each of them is held by a top master in Wulin. They hesitated, their hearts at the same time floated a question, is Ji Wenyang really waiting for a person? And who is that man? , can make Ji Wenyang just dare not perform six Yang Gong, but to stay with all his strength to wait for him? They quickly thought of Tianshan Tie Shi, because Tie Guangfang was wounded by Ji Wenyang, and Tie Changyi and Tie Changyu were not willing to rest? The light of the sword made a long arc in the air, only to hear a sharp voice singing: "The name of the white rainbow, the God is the spirit, really good, really good, Hua Laoer can be wrong today!" When Weng Baishui heard this, his whole body shook, and the name of Moyunke Tang Min shone in his heart like thunder and lightning. Zuo Ping gave a gentle exclamation, and Weng Baishui hurriedly covered his mouth with his hand. They sneaked their heads out, just enough to show their eyes, and sat up in front of them, a few feet away, in a vast expanse of water. Three people-all three are legendary figures in the martial arts world. Although their figures are very blurred,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, facing their Ji Wenyang and the eventful old man sitting on his side, even burned to ashes, Weng Baishui also recognized, but there is a person, back to himself, about the missing for more than 10 years of Mo Yunke. Because of the obstruction of the fog and the fact that they did not dare to get too close, although Weng Baishui and Zuo Ping held their breath and peeped attentively, they could not see the faces and small movements of the three men. They only saw the eventful old man holding the white rainbow sword in his hand,nail manufacturing machine, and the blue and white light of the sword reflected on his face, which made people feel solemn. The waterfall was still roaring, and occasionally there was a cool breeze, which caused the sound of wind and waves. The silent space, together with the two devils in the vast mist, made people feel terrible. Zuo Ping gently pulled Weng Baishui's sleeve and motioned him to go quickly. Zuo Ping was not afraid, just because he knew that Weng Baishui's attempt was to take advantage of Ji Wenyang and Tang Min's internecine fight to get rid of it and become famous all over the world. To be honest, Zuo Ping did not agree with Weng Baishan's mean mind. Weng Baishui had many more ideas in his mind than Zuo Ping. He refused to give up until the last moment. He gently pushed Zuo Ping's hand away and squinted at him. His eyes were so dark and cruel that they had the taste of living from me and dying against me. Zuo Ping was glanced at by him. Somehow, he shivered in his heart. Just as he was about to retreat alone, he heard the eventful old man raise his voice and say, "Old Tang, old Ji, with your talent and learning, it would be a pity to kill you. Let me think of another clever plan. Otherwise, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail production machine, all the people in the world would clap their hands." Zuo Ping was curious for a moment and didn't want to leave. He thought that this kind of good opportunity to observe was once in a thousand years and could not be let go easily. He didn't care what Weng Baishui wanted to do, because he was a martial arts practitioner, and the love of martial arts was the common characteristic of every martial artist. Mo Yunke snorted coldly, but Ji Wenyang was noncommittal. Zuo Ping felt that this was the demeanor of a suzerain, and that there were many people who were not afraid to come. Clapping the ground a few times, there was a constant buzz. It turned out that the eventful old man was gently tapping his left palm with the blade of the White Rainbow Sword. He was thinking about it carefully. After half a sound, he shouted: "Now there is a way to make both ends meet. You two take turns to perform a move for me to see, and I will break it. Within ten moves, whoever stumbles me first will win. Now how about Ji Lao Gui's first move?" Zuo Ping thought, the eventful old man is really evil, how could he come up with such a method? But Weng Baishui murmured in his heart that in this way, the energy of Ji Wenyang and Mo Yunke would be consumed, and his series of wishful thinking would be over again. Zuo Ping thought, if it weren't for the well-informed old man, how dare he say this? Because of the skill of Ji Wenyang and Tang Min Has reached the point of a casual move, others who dare to boast of this big mouth? But Weng Baishui is narrow-minded, with his own heart, the belly of the eventful old man, but he thinks that the eventful old man is biased, is he deliberately helping Ji Wenyang eat Tang Min? He secretly hoped Mo Yunke just refused. Although their ideas are different, their mood is generally tense. You should know that although the eventful old man has no power to tie a chicken, his theory of martial arts is so profound that it is rare in Wulin, so he really has a few skills to break the move verbally. They all thought that Mo Yunke had not set foot in Jianghu for ten years, and he would make amazing progress. He would go all out to fight with Ji Wenyang this time. They were lucky to be able to watch such a wonderful fight. It was really not worth it. Because Mo Yunke carried them on his back, I don't know what expression he made, but he probably agreed. So the eventful old man put the White Rainbow Sword gently on the land beside him. He meditated silently for a while. Then he looked up and said, "All right, Ji Lao Gui, make a move!" Without a sound, Ji Wenyang slowly stretched out his right hand. From a distance, he only shook his forearm, but his palm, like a ghost, came out from several incredible parts. Zuo Ping and Weng Baishui had no distracting thoughts at this time, but silently remembered the movements of Ji Wenyang that they could see. Zuo Ping felt that this move was a strange move that had never been heard or seen, and Weng Baishui also felt impeccable, so they all nervously wanted to see how the eventful old man could solve it. But it happened that at this time, the eventful old man turned his body slightly to Ji Wenyang, probably to let him see the solution clearly. In this way, the vision of Zuo Ping (the word "Hua" in the book) and Weng Baishui was blocked. He could only see his right palm in the air, but the movement of his left hand was unknown. Ji Wenyang's eyes were slightly propped up, nodding frequently, and Weng Baishui looked from the movements he saw, the eventful old man's move was also a bit of a trick, but unfortunately he could not see the whole leopard. The eventful old man triumphantly turned around again, half facing Mo Yunke and said, "Tang,wire nail machine manufacturers, it's your turn." Mo Yunke snorted coldly again, his shoulders moved slightly, and he probably made a move. 3shardware.com

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