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Site Adresi: http://www.autoconnetcor.com/
Hakkında: Our History
Wenzhou Yineng Electric appliance Co.,Ltd. Founded in 1985,specializes in the design, production and sales of connectors,wire harnesses of automobile and home appliance.
Our Factory
The new plant with an investment of 100 million RMB is located in the Yueqing Economic and Technological Development Zone in Wenzhou.The company has 400 employees in total.
Our Product
Wire harness銆丳lastic銆丆onnector.
Product Application
Automobile and household appliances.
Our Certificate
TS16949 system certificate銆丼cience and technology certificate銆乁tility model patent certificate.
Production Equipment
Production Market
Our products are used ba the famous enterprises such as BOSCH, AUTOLIVEFAW, SAW, Chery, Geely and also exported to Japan,South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries.
Our Service
Before sales, the company will design products, process molds and testing equipment according to the needs of customers to ensure the production of customers' products. The selling company will arrange the production plan according to the customer's demand to ensure that the products are provided on time. After sales, the company will carefully listen to the customer's response and help the customer solve the problem order in time.Yndj7023a-1.8-21/39 2 Holes Female Connector in stock

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